Teaching staff

The number of teachers and associates corresponds to the needs of the study program and depends on the number of subjects and number of classes in those subjects. The total number of teachers and associates is sufficient to adequately realize the total number of teaching hours in the study program that the higher education institution realizes.

All teachers and associates were elected within the legal deadlines, according to the procedure provided by the Law on Higher Education, the Statute of the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the University of Kragujevac, as well as the Rulebook on the Selection of Teachers of the University of Kragujevac. The scientific and professional qualifications of the teaching staff correspond to the educational-scientific field and level of their duties. The teacher has at least five references from the already scientific, i.e. professional field from which he / she teaches in the study program.

The data on teachers/associates are available to the public on the website of the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Kragujevac: http://www.medf.kg.ac.rs. The workload of teachers and associates does not exceed the allowed maximum given in the supplement to the standard for accreditation of study programs of the 1st and 2nd level, for the field of medical sciences.

The teacher realizes an average of 120 hours of active teaching per year, or 4 hours per week. The maximum engagement per teacher is not more than 12 contact hours per week. The number of classes includes engagement of teachers in all accredited study programs. Out of the total number of required teachers and associates, at least 98.00% is in a permanent full-time employment relationship. Associates have less than 300 hours of active teaching per year.

The implementation of the study program Pharmacy - Integrated Academic Studies engaged 40 full-time teachers while one Full professor has part time engagement. All engaged associates (9) have full-time engagement.

  1. Aleksandra Stojanovic
  2. Ana Barjaktarevic
  3. Branimir Radmanovic
  4. Danijela Jovanovic
  5. Dejan Baskic
  6. Dragana Ignjatovic-Ristic
  7. Dragica Selakovic
  8. Dusan Djuric
  9. Goran Davidovic
  10. Gordana Radic
  11. Ilija Jeftic
  12. Isidora Milosavljevic
  13. Ivan Srejovic
  14. Ivana Nikolic
  15. Ivana Zivanovic-Macuzic
  16. Jovana Bradic
  17. Jovana Jeremic
  18. Jovana Joksimovic
  19. Marija Zivkovic
  20. Marina Gazdic
  21. Marina Mitrovic
  22. Marina Tomovic
  23. Milena Jurisevic
  24. Milica Borovcanin
  25. Natasa Djordjevic
  26. Nebojsa Zdravkovic
  27. Nedeljko Manojlovic
  28. Nemanja Jovicic
  29. Nevena Jeremic
  30. Olivera Milovanovic
  31. Radisa Pavlovic
  32. Ratomir Jelic
  33. Sanja Stankovic
  34. Slobodan Novokmet
  35. Snezana Cupara
  36. Tamara Nikolic
  37. Vladimir Jakovljevic
  38. Vladimir Zivkovic
  39. Vladislav Volarevic
  40. Vojislav Cupurdija
  41. Zoran Milosavljevic