Objectives of the study program

The general goal is to enable students to independently perform activities related to the design, production, quality assessment and use of drugs. Graduates will know in detail the composition of drugs, their chemical and physical properties, their production and use, as well as the methods by which the purity and strength of drugs are examined. Also, the study program will enable graduate students (Masters of Pharmacy) to understand how drugs affect the human body, what their fate is in the body and how drugs can be used most rationally to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases.

The specific objectives are:

  • to provide deep-rooted knowledge of the basic principles of chemistry, biology and physics that can be applied in pharmacy
  • to enable graduate students (Masters of Pharmacy) to apply these principles in solving specific problems in pharmacy
  • to provide detailed knowledge of drugs and substances used in drug production
  • to enable mastery of the pharmaceutical technology and drug testing methods
  • to ensure the acquisition of knowledge about the effects of drugs and toxins on the human body, as well as their movement through the body (pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics)
  • to ensure the acquisition of specific skills for experimental design and analysis of the experimental data
  • to promote the understanding of the pharmaceutical profession as a patient-oriented discipline, and to master the role of pharmacists in the health care system and pharmaceutical industry
  • to encourage the development of communication skills with patients and the ability to use modern information technology for the benefit of patients
  • to develop the ability to work individually as well as in the group
  • to motivate and encourage professional and scientific curiosity, and enthusiasm for the acquisition of new knowledge, which will be a strong basis for lifelong learning and professional development to provide detailed knowledge of the legal basis of pharmaceutical activity
  • to develop the skill of interprofessional communication and cooperation with other health professionals