Student assessment and progress

The student is evaluated throughout the semester.

The student masters the subject by areas. The grade is equivalent to the number of points won and is formed on the basis of the sum of points gained during classes and at the final exam.

A. Pre-examination activities:

The student can score up to 30 points in this way. In the domain of weekly activities during classes, the quality of answers to questions from a specific thematic area, the quality of participation in the discussion as well as solving the clinical problems while working in a small group are scored. In the field of pre-examination activities, it is possible to evaluate the quality of seminar work, presentation of practical results, but also to assess knowledge through tests at the end of thematic units.

B. Final exam:

In this way, the student can gain up to 70 points. The exam can be taken orally or in writing, depending on the structure of the subject.

A more precise method of assessment in each individual course is defined in the course booklet.

Each of the students also has a certain tutor (teacher or associate) who holds a meeting with him once a week and monitors his progress. At the weekly Semester Councils, tutors discuss the course work and success with course leaders, analyze test results, and suggest corrective action.