Graduate competencies

By mastering the study program Pharmacy - Integrated Academic Studies, the student acquires the adequate general and subject-specific abilities of relevant importance for the quality of professional and scientific activities.

General abilities:

  • analysis, synthesis and prediction of solutions and consequences of drug interaction with a living organism;
  • mastering the methods of drug production and analysis of their quality;
  • mastering the methods, procedures and research processes in the field of pharmacy;
  • adopting a critical approach to “Evidence-Based Pharmacy” using professional and scientific literature;
  • application of knowledge about drugs and diseases in clinical practice;
  • mastering the skill of communication with patients and colleagues;
  • adoption of ethical principles of preclinical and clinical trials of drugs.

Subject-specific abilities:

  • thorough knowledge of the basic and applied disciplines in pharmacy;
  • ability to make pharmaceutical forms of drugs;
  • mastering the methods of storage and distribution of medicines in outpatient and inpatient pharmacies;
  • adoption of scientific methods for the design of preclinical and clinical trials of drugs and solving specific problems in the treatment of patients through a systematic and critical review of the relevant literature;
  • integration of the basic and applied knowledge in the field of pharmacy into a functional whole;
  • reading and analyzing the professional and scientific literature in English in the field of pharmacy;
  • ability to advise patients on the proper use of medications;
  • use of databases in the field of medicine and pharmacy on the internet;
  • ability to solve practical problems in the field of pharmacy by applying the acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Description of learning outcomes

After Pharmacy - Integrated Academic Studies, it is expected that graduate students of pharmacy (Masters of Pharmacy) will have adequately developed, stated general and subject-specific abilities that will enable them to solve properly specific problems in practice based on the use of scientific evidence and further implementation of future relevant innovations in the area of pharmacy.