Quality, modernity and international compliance

The study program Pharmacy - Integrated Academic Studies is designed to provide students with complete and comprehensive education, as well as the latest scientific and professional knowledge and skills in the field of pharmacy, with special emphasis on the development of creative abilities and independence in skilled and professional work. This study program is modeled according to the program of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Nottingham, which has been at the top of the ranking of pharmaceutical faculties in the UK for several years (according to the results of its graduates when their knowledge and skills were tested, during licensing). The quality, modernity and international compliance of the study program are comparable to the relevant study programs. The comparative tables of the study programs in Kragujevac, Ljubljanaand Dublinshow that more than 80% of subjects can be considered equivalent in terms of the content.

A special quality of the study program Pharmacy - Integrated Academic Studies is orientation towards pharmaceutical health care and the patient, as the center of the health system. In most developed countries of Europe and North America,a pharmacist has already become a member of the health care team; only a few years ago in the UK, pharmacists were authorized to prescribe a number of drugs and to adjust the treatment of chronic patients according to the values of biological parameters (eg according to the arterial blood pressure, glycemic level, INR in patients on anticoagulant therapy, etc.). The study program Pharmacy - Integrated Academic Studies at the University of Kragujevac contains many courses that prepare students to work with patients in the health system - from the communication skills and patient counseling, to the analysis of their health and selection of the optimal therapy according to the principles of evidence-based pharmacy.

Taking into account the trend towards increased health orientation of pharmacists, the International and European Association of Pharmacy Students have issued a joint declaration, in which they invite all pharmaceutical faculties in Europe to reform their curriculum and introduce as many clinically-oriented subjects as possible. The European Association of Pharmacy Students has also made recommendations for a patient-oriented pharmacy study program. The curriculum of this study program is completely in accordance with the recommendations of the International and European Association of Pharmacy Students.