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The Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Kragujevac, is a young and modern institution, woven with the spirit of tradition and climate in which it was created. Its' invaluable cultural and educational heritage from the heart of Serbia breathes with cold management practice in which the quality i s only criterion: the quality of teachers, the quality of teaching content, the quality of communication with the environment. Everything is dedicated to high quality young people, to our students who we teach about life, science and ethics in this school.

Pharmacy - Integrated Academic Studies

The study program Pharmacy - Integrated Academic Studies aims to form competent graduate pharmacists – Masters of Pharmacy, who will be able to work independently within complex jobs that require higher education in the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory bodies and health care system. Pharmacy studies in English will enhance the development of the academic community and the pharmaceutical profession in the Republic of Serbia.

The Faculty of Medical Sciences in Kragujevac is announcing a competition for the first anuale enrollment. Deadline for enrolling students in the first year of study in the 2022/2023. school year on the study program of Integrated Academic Studies of Pharmacy in English - Pharmacy integrated academic studies.

The first year can enroll 45 students who finance their own education (self-financing students).

The tuition fee for self-financing students is 320,000.00 RSD for citizens of the Republic of Serbia, and 3,000.00 € for foreign citizens. Payments should be made according to the payment instructions.

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Examples for enrollment exam

- Examples for enrollment exam in Chemistry

- Examples for enrollment exam in Mathematics

Structure of the study program

The study program contains elements determined by the law (which are detailed in the relevant standards).

Purpose of the study program

The study program has a clearly defined purpose and role in the education system, available to the public.

Objectives of the study program

The study program has clearly defined goals.

Graduate competencies

By mastering the study program, the student acquires general and subject-specific abilities that are in the function of performing professional, scientific and artistic activities. The description of the qualification resulting from the study program must correspond to a certain level of the national qualification framework.


The curriculum of the study program contains a list and structure of mandatory and elective courses and modules as well as their description. The basic electives of art studies are included in the main subject.

Quality, modernity and international compliance of the study program

The study program is harmonized with modern world trends and the state of the profession, science and art in the appropriate educational-scientific, i.e. artistic-educational field and is comparable with similar programs at foreign higher education institutions, especially within the European educational area.

Student enrollment

The higher education institution, in accordance with social needs and its resources, enrolls students in the appropriate study program based on the success in previous schooling and testing their knowledge, aptitudes and abilities.

Student assessment and progress

Student assessment is performed by continuous monitoring of a student’s work and on the basis of points gained in fulfilling pre-examination obligations and taking exams.

Teaching staff

For realization of the study program, the teaching staff with the necessary scientific, artistic and professional qualifications has been provided.

Organizational and material resources

Appropriate human, spatial, technical-technological, library and other resources that correspond to the character of the study program and planned number of students are provided for the implementation of the study program.

Quality control

The quality control of the study program is carried out regularly and systematically through self-evaluation and external quality control.

World language studies

The higher education institution may organize the study program in a world language for each field and each educational-scientific field and educational-artistic field if it possesses human and material resources that enable the teaching content to be realized in accordance with the standards.


Number of students


ECTS points

10 semesters
(5 years)

Duration of the study

Master of pharmacy

Diploma title